Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bass Stocks Protection.

It now appears we are going to have a new goverment and ministers after the forthcoming election. Sadly this means we are going to have to re-do a lot of the work that has been done before to protect our fishing.
It is vital that we keep pressure on these new ministers as they will soon be in a position to influence how our bass stocks are managed in the future

To help all you need to do is down load this flyer
and hand it to the canvassing politicians in exchange for the literature they will be handing you , when they come calling to your door before the next election.
       There is no need to get into dialogue with the politicians as all of them will have been contacted before hand about the issues involved.  For more information on this please log onto http://www.irishbass.org/ we really need the help of all anglers regardless of what species they fish for , thank you.

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