Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poachers , Cod and Lifeboats.

Apologies readers, I haven't been posting much lately and the truth is I've only been fishing twice in the last month or so. Both of those outings were to target cod for the table aswell ,so I haven't had my finger on the pulse as regards the bass fishing lately.
   I've heard of some big ones getting caught but can't confirm any particular catches. We've had a decent run of cod here lately and with all the catch and release of the slow growing bass through the year its been nice to bring home some fresh cod, as I do enjoy eating seafood. Ofcourse I've no problem with anyone keeping a bass for the table I just personally prefer to keep the faster growing species of fish to eat if I can. I get more of a buzz catching bass than eating them.
  Apologies also to you guys who have left comments without reply. Every time I've tried I couldn't get it to work (I'm no computer whizz thats for sure) but now it seems I have it sussed so won't be ignoring your comments in future.

Some of my spare time has been taken up with volunteering for the Kinsale Lifeboat boat crew and I've been enjoying the comradery of the lads and ladies involved in the boat crew, shore crew and the fund raising team. The training is of the highest standard and for me very stimulating. It is a big commitment but I hope to become an integral part of the team and give something back to the community over the next decade or so. Even though I've years of experience on the water I never saw myself joining the RNLI , that was for "other people", but we all change as we grow and I'm delighted to be involved now , I'm sure it will become a big part of my life.
                                                A nice day off The Old Head of Kinsale

Travelling at speed out to "shouts" in force 6's and 7's at night or day will test the knees and back of anyone to the limit. The retirement age of 45 on inshore lifeboats as opposed to 55 on the bigger all-weather lifeboats is a reflection of the working environment . If you can stay in good shape, a medical each year after retirement age can prolong your service. "Going with it" I'm told is the key to protecting the body (trickier at night when you can't see the next wave too well) . So far so good, but bigger tests to come , its a good job I love the sea.

          A  fine winters day in Kinsale and we've just washed the boat down , time to put the kettle on :-).

On a more serious note ,and I'm a bit late with this, but please watch out for bass poachers this time of year and especially in the East Cork/Ballycotton area . Big catches may be landed into harbours or even quiet coves for export to France by unscrupulous fish buyers. With prices for fish rising this time of year, plenty of darkness to operate in and lots of bass about these people cash in on this seasonal bonanza . The fisheries boys are too understaffed to keep watch on these activities and the poachers are sneaky ,so its up to us anglers to try and get some information together that may help lead to a prosecution.
      Targetting the buyers is the way to go in my view as if there is no market there will be no poaching.With catches of a dozen boxes and more at times, its obvious that this is no restaraunt back door operation , to shift large quantities of illegal bass you need good contacts and people in the fish business have good contacts!

If any of you have any info regarding poaching please email me at , thanks.