Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bent Double!

   Getting out when the weather has allowed this week has proved productive with some good fishing all around the coast. Consistency and a good average size is what I expect this time of year and if the weather settles properly some fantastic fishing opportunities will be found.
     During one such break in the weather Julians light Shimano rod is tested to the limit.
   A good sized bass makes a lunge for freedom on seeing us awaiting at the shoreline.He really had a battle with this fish which ran all over the place during the fight.
     At one point the bass took him over a shallow ledge which had the braid line rubbing off the rock, a very anxious moment ,as you can imagine! Finally the fish was under control and with the help of a wave it was brought to hand for a quick photo before being returned.

    Catching good fish on balanced tackle does it for us and what a buzz you get when it all comes together, happydays.

The braid had a few yards cut off before any more casts were made but it had stood up to the challenge when needed. Its our first season trying the Berkley Whiplash Crystal and so far so good , abrasion resistance is a big priority on a lot of our venues.
     Every now and again you get a fish that really punches above its weight and thats exactly what this bass above did after it had hammered a soft plastic I was fishing through a small shallow bay.
     It reacted with a breath-taking run across and out of the bay , around the low rocky point into open sea . Wow (Or words to that effect)this is a good fish, I called out to Julian, and in fairness it gave me a real scrap  making several runs and putting a proper bend into my own rod.
    On landing it I wasn't disappointed to see it was only about 6lb , i just felt the upmost respect as genuinely this fish had fought harder than fish much bigger that I've caught in the past, a brilliant rush that left me feeling a very happy chappy .
  Even though the bass are slim after the winter and breeding season ,it certainly doesn't seem like they are feeling weak, infact they're going off like rockets!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mixed Bag

       Its been frustrating lately with spare time in very short supply. Reading catch reports on the net has kept me going but I was desperate to get to the shoreline and see what was about for myself.
      I finally managed to get out on the rocks yesterday evening for a short session and with a clear blue sky , blazing sun and calm water I knew I was going to have to work hard to find a few fish , but hey I was out fishing....
      As the sea  flooded through the weedy gullies  I could see a few mullet cruising by in the clear water just a rod length away . With another species on my mind I rigged a 6 inch Slug-go weed less and proceeded to fish this through the rough terrain. After a short while I had the privilege of watching a bass swim gracefully alongside the slug-go , it then turned its head towards the lure and engulfed the front end . I raised the rod and the fish was hooked right at my feet , not the best place to start playing a fish but to see the attack unfold infront of me was very satisfying.
      After a  badly taken photo it was back in the water to ponder the strange experience that had just happened to it.

     A short move onto a nearby rock put me into slightly deeper water and by retrieving the lure a lot slower with pauses I managed  to tease this fiesty little wrasse into having a go.

With pollack taking the Maria Chase BW  it was turning into a bit of a variety performance.
   Then just as I was about to leave this lovely red codling hammered a white Maria latex paddle tail  dropped between kelp covered bolders.

 I don't catch many of these and was very pleased it wasn't another pollack. 
        Not spectacular fishing but very enjoyable all the same , I was just glad to be out and catching anything in the barmy conditions. 

            The sunset wasn't bad either............................

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soft Season ?

           Top lures so far this season have been the Megabass x140,  Ima komomo 2 , Feedshallow and the Maria Chase patterns.
      These lures are consistent bass catchers and although designed for subsurface use, some of them can also take bass on a very very slow retrieve where the lure just meanders along the surface, a method that is often called waking.   This technique can be very good in low light and calm conditions. I've even caught bass of over 7lb on a plug that was crawling along while lying on its side before.

    Although they have taken fish ,soft plastics just haven't been catching as consistently for us so far. Looking at other catch reports around Cork we're not the only ones who have been finding plugs more reliable lures this season.
   That could be all set to change though , and I will be expecting soft lures to really start making some decent returns on both numbers and size of fish. Infact judging from last season , I would be suprised if the biggest lure caught fish from Wednesday onwards were not to fall for one of the many rubbery creations available now.
     The Megabass Xslayer was last seasons favourite but with people unhappy about the price of them it will be interesting to see which of the better value newcomers will become anglers favourites.
     Its all a far cry from back in the day when the older bass angler in Wales would fashion "eels" from disused white electrical flex . "Clem" managed 7 bass one sunny afternoon fishing over some steep boulder strewn ground, the biggest over 6lb , and all falling for one of his homemade specials , now thats what I call re-cycling!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

One More Week........

As the end of the close season is only a week away I can start dreaming about getting back out there.
     Before our period of abstinence started on the 15th of May I managed to get a couple of sessions in and found a bit of sport but nothing landed over 4lb. The high winds in May certainly put a spanner in the works for lure fishing .
   It hasn't felt as hard waiting through the close season this year as the high winds have continued throughout the month ,but i will certainly be counting the days down  from now and will be expecting some good sport when it does re-open.

           A distant memory , but old friends again soon.......roll on the 15th of June.