Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flounders on Soft Plastics.

Check out this great blog  " ecoastfishing.blogspot.com  " !   Fairplay to the man that is some great flatty fishing on lures , hopefully I will get a chance to try out a bit of that this summer.

Two more weeks then we should start seeing a few more decent sized bass starting to show up, mostly smaller sub 4lb fish about at the moment as far as I can tell, which of course is expected this time of year as the bigger fish have other things on their minds.
     Even though the closed season doesn't start until the 15th , which is supposedly when the fish start dispersing their eggs, it is very important to put the breeding sized fish back before this date as they may already be dispersing their eggs in your area,..... very important for your local stocks!

   The crab peel is well under way with the bigger Jacks/Cock crabs changing their outer skeleton first, water temperatures are rising slowly and spring is in full swing , everything is shaping up nicely for what will hopefully be another cracking season.

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  1. Hi Danny,
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