Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Endorsement.

I had a good laugh yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a dozen copies of  "Sea Angler" to have a read of.
  I found an advertisement in a copy from the company "Italia Fishing", talking about the Alcedo Aluminum Pro spinning reel, they use the headine ;
      "Currently in use by many of the top bass anglers in the UK such as Danny Wise of Jersey Bass Guides and Julian Smith of Kinsale Bass Guides in Ireland."

Besides the obvious mistakes in the advert that made us laugh , I just want to put on record that,
    "Julian and I do not endorse or recommend the use of equipment sold by Italia Fishing". 

We gave some of it a try :-(
Nice guy who runs the company but thats that for us.

Back to the fishing,........the high temperatures we are getting this winter have been very welcome considering the last two winters we've had . Plenty of bass are getting caught on bait at the moment and even the odd ray is still picking up baits intended for cod .
   If the mild weather continues the bass will probably stay close to shore and good fishing should be found through february and march when the conditions are suitable.


  1. Aye - I used their top rated "waterproof" spinning reel for part of last year. Enough to say it isn't, of course. Lasted about five trips. I reviewed its decline in detail on my blog and fair enough they did give me another - but how can I stop it going the way of the first? Don't think you can.

    There ought to be a word that means the opposite "saltwater proof" - saltwater fragile? Saltwater sensitive maybe?! ;-)

  2. Hi, I had the aluminium pro and at first i thought it was great landed myself a 7lb salmon on it .... then took it to my bass trip to wexford. Out one morning, took a cast and the bearings broke ..... think it sheared the mechanism inside! Now i had a back up thankfully, but your heart isnt in a reel anymore when it breaks on a bass trip haha! Sent it back, got it replaced, the replacements spool release catch was broken when it arrived. Full refund, now using a Daiwa TDX 3012! Faultless!

  3. Hello guys.

    You gotta laugh!

    I'm getting into Saltwater bait casting reels. Takes a little time to get the hang (I'm still learning) but I believe it'll do the job and look after the line aswell. Shimano Culcatta B


  4. After JerseybassGuides glowing report on the reel we figured those guys fish 50+ hours a week so they must be fairly good. After spending over 500 euro on some of their kit , it turns out the reels need looking after with kid gloves and have a sticky drag that we find difficult to adjust(super sensitive) while playing fish and the rods are designed for black bass fishing and snap if you hook a double in big swell , so not much good in Ireland.Nice bits of kit to use but better suited to fresh water fishing. Your shimano's and daiwa's will give better service lads.

  5. My alcedo pro is still OK. Like I always said, the other reels in the range need work. In some cases, serious work. Italia fishing do no sponsor nor have any bearing whatsoever upon these findings.