Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Report.

Julian fished a local rock mark tonight as the weather had been warm and sea conditions perfect.
      He dug ten lug and a clam as he'd planned to do a bit of lure fishing then switch to bait as darkness came on. February can be hit and miss on the lures with bait more reliable into the surf.
   Making a few casts with his shallowfeed ,now re-armed with single hooks, he thought he could feel fish swiping/hitting at the lure but wasn't positive as he was out of practice.
   Sure enough the rod buckled over and let him know his hunch was correct as he landed a 4lb bass in great condition.
After a few more casts he clipped on a komomo and caught and released 5 more fish including one of 5lb to round off a great hours winter lure fishing . All 6 of them were nice and fat and he was delighted as we finished our phone call , his bait now cast out , would there be more to come?

I'd better get my act together and have a look with the lure rod myself this weekend.

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