Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bent Double!

   Getting out when the weather has allowed this week has proved productive with some good fishing all around the coast. Consistency and a good average size is what I expect this time of year and if the weather settles properly some fantastic fishing opportunities will be found.
     During one such break in the weather Julians light Shimano rod is tested to the limit.
   A good sized bass makes a lunge for freedom on seeing us awaiting at the shoreline.He really had a battle with this fish which ran all over the place during the fight.
     At one point the bass took him over a shallow ledge which had the braid line rubbing off the rock, a very anxious moment ,as you can imagine! Finally the fish was under control and with the help of a wave it was brought to hand for a quick photo before being returned.

    Catching good fish on balanced tackle does it for us and what a buzz you get when it all comes together, happydays.

The braid had a few yards cut off before any more casts were made but it had stood up to the challenge when needed. Its our first season trying the Berkley Whiplash Crystal and so far so good , abrasion resistance is a big priority on a lot of our venues.
     Every now and again you get a fish that really punches above its weight and thats exactly what this bass above did after it had hammered a soft plastic I was fishing through a small shallow bay.
     It reacted with a breath-taking run across and out of the bay , around the low rocky point into open sea . Wow (Or words to that effect)this is a good fish, I called out to Julian, and in fairness it gave me a real scrap  making several runs and putting a proper bend into my own rod.
    On landing it I wasn't disappointed to see it was only about 6lb , i just felt the upmost respect as genuinely this fish had fought harder than fish much bigger that I've caught in the past, a brilliant rush that left me feeling a very happy chappy .
  Even though the bass are slim after the winter and breeding season ,it certainly doesn't seem like they are feeling weak, infact they're going off like rockets!

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