Monday, June 20, 2011

Mixed Bag

       Its been frustrating lately with spare time in very short supply. Reading catch reports on the net has kept me going but I was desperate to get to the shoreline and see what was about for myself.
      I finally managed to get out on the rocks yesterday evening for a short session and with a clear blue sky , blazing sun and calm water I knew I was going to have to work hard to find a few fish , but hey I was out fishing....
      As the sea  flooded through the weedy gullies  I could see a few mullet cruising by in the clear water just a rod length away . With another species on my mind I rigged a 6 inch Slug-go weed less and proceeded to fish this through the rough terrain. After a short while I had the privilege of watching a bass swim gracefully alongside the slug-go , it then turned its head towards the lure and engulfed the front end . I raised the rod and the fish was hooked right at my feet , not the best place to start playing a fish but to see the attack unfold infront of me was very satisfying.
      After a  badly taken photo it was back in the water to ponder the strange experience that had just happened to it.

     A short move onto a nearby rock put me into slightly deeper water and by retrieving the lure a lot slower with pauses I managed  to tease this fiesty little wrasse into having a go.

With pollack taking the Maria Chase BW  it was turning into a bit of a variety performance.
   Then just as I was about to leave this lovely red codling hammered a white Maria latex paddle tail  dropped between kelp covered bolders.

 I don't catch many of these and was very pleased it wasn't another pollack. 
        Not spectacular fishing but very enjoyable all the same , I was just glad to be out and catching anything in the barmy conditions. 

            The sunset wasn't bad either............................

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