Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short and Sweet.

    Eddie a regular customer of ours from London was over in Kinsale on a family visit and was looking to try one of our night guided sessions on the fly and lure. He'd just come back from two weeks salmon fishing in Iceland but he still managed to get a free window from family duties once the little ones were tucked up for the night.
  Although the moon was big and bright occasional cloud cover stopped the glare long enough to keep our confidence high.
  A silvery patterned Komomo 2 got the ball rolling with this 3lb fish.

10 minutes later a Feedshallow accounted for a better fish nearing the 5lb mark.

  With a couple landed Eddie tried the fly rod and was getting a great line out . He was unlucky not to hook into one of the three bites he had over the next 45 minutes,it was frustrating and exciting in equal measures.
 We both think a bigger fly would have attracted more bass attacks on the night but alas Julian had our fly boxes and couldn't make it along so we were using the couple that Eddie had brought himself . (note to self , keep a box in the van!)
   A return to the lure rod bought instant success with a fish of around 4lb and rounded off this short but highly enjoyable session. Another Komomo 2 this time in joker flashing plate did the business.

  As Eddie was on morning duty with the little ones we didn't have the time to stay and try a few soft plastics but I'm confident they would have been gobbled up.
 It was great to get out before these big southwesterlies hit the coast today as the lures might have to take a rest for a couple of days?

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