Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tough Spell Over.

Daytime fishing has come back on this last week thanks to bit of swell on the shoreline.
     Reading other blogs and internet catch reports it seems we weren't the only bass addicts finding fishing hardwork during July daylight hours.
 One mans poison is another mans pleasure though and boat anglers had great fishing off The Old Head of Kinsale with plenty of double figure cod around and more blue shark than I've heard of for years.
    I think we'll be joining them if the balmy weather comes back.

   It shouldn't be too long now before the sandeel start using the inshore sandbanks to breed and big catches of bass will be back on the agenda.

At 2.8kg ,or just over 6lb,this bass gave me a good deep fight on Sunday evening as the day was turning to dusk and was my best of the session and infact the weekend.
  It made up for the two decent fish I lost on my other outing on Friday night.
   One of the fish was played out and at my feet ,I was just about to land it when the line sprang slack . I had that horrible feeling that the line had snapped and just crouched down and put my head in my hands. It had been a real effort bringing that fish to shore , negotiating exposed rocks on the way and that feeling of horror had come over me thinking I'd lost the fish with the lure still stuck in it .
  Thankfully I came to my senses and wound in the slack line finding my slug-go was still well and truly attached , phew!
We all get those nights now and again though ,for whatever reason you're just not in the zone , missing bites , losing fish and generally getting frustrated with yourself .
  I still managed to match Julian at 4 fish each over the hour and a half we fished in the gloom ,but its the big ones lost that stick in the mind.

So no Monsters this weekend but theres always the next session ???
Happy Hunting.......

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