Friday, September 16, 2011

Break in the weather atlast.

     So we had a bit of a blow over here and fishing was put on hold while we kept an eye on the forecast.
One good thing the bad weather did over the spring tides was dump large quantities of kelp on the high tide line.
    With a week or so of rotting time it could make for some decent angling opportunities when the weed gets lifted again on the next spring tides, with all those maggots , hoppers and slatters creating a natural feast. Ofcourse thats if its not blowing a total hoolie again.

  Julian was fly-fishing down in Kerry and over the two days that himself and two others managed to get out 25 seatrout and 2 salmon were landed between them ,with many other fish evading the net. All in all they were very pleased considering the conditions.

I myself ventured out once the wind gave us a break back here in Cork. I gambled by taking the dog (short haired border collie)with me as a new fishing companion. He must be a lucky mascot though as I found some satisfying fishing .

   His desire to lick the bass made it tricky keeping him out of the picture.

I float-fished some live sandeel for the first time this year and my lack of practice showed as I missed plenty of takes and lost a few fish that looked like they were coming ashore. I wasn't in the slightest bit put out by this as it was such a joy just to be out fishing again, as many of you will also know having been stuck indoors aswell.
  They didn't all get the better of me and I also managed to lure a few fish on a paddle tail shad , while plugs, slug-go's and other softs were ignored by the fish ?

Final tally was 5 bass landed around the 3-4lb size range ,  another day I would of landed a dozen as it was hectic action from the off, but I'm certainly not complaining at missing a few fish. There's always the next time the weather breaks ???


  1. Hola Danny,menuda pesca,lo que daria yo.Enhorabuena.Un Abrazo.

  2. Pictures look great. I just ordered some Slug Go soft plastics, never fished them before but i have a little more confidence now i have seen one hooked up to a Bass. I have never tried float fishing for Bass either. When i was in Kerry we caught ours spinning or with razor/worm bait on the bottom. Anyways good job on the blog and give mine a read (although not many fish on it :[ )