Monday, September 19, 2011

Rounding off with a bit of variety.

The wind stayed offshore for the weekend so I managed to squeeze in another couple of sessions.
   My favourite one was plugging into the waves on a surf beach . Anyone who has done a bit of bait fishing into the surf knows that the rhythmic pounding of the waves can put you into a state of mild meditation.
  Lure fishing the surf doesn't quite allow you to switch off in the same way but it still eases the mind and a lack of snags makes for a very relaxed angling experience.

Covering the features in the formation of the sand on the beach including banks , drop-offs and gullies created by run-off or streams was keeping me occupied but after more than an hour had passed I was beginning to doubt my prospects .
    Suddenly though the lure was hit two or three times in quick succession but no firm bend was registered on the rod. I stopped winding and could imagine the shallow diver I was using rising to the surface while being pushed around by the moving water hopefully imitating a stunned bait-fish , it induced another take and this time the rod let me know the fish was hooked .
  With the fish easily 60 yards out from me, it used the waves to aid its movement reaching ferocious speeds as it kited from one side on a long run, then turning and heading back again. Often its silver and gold flank would be visible travelling along the face of the peeling wave , its dorsal fin cutting through the waters surface as it powered along . It was a delight I have to say and all this from what we'd call a small bass over here at around 3 lbs or so.

Two more fish around the same size were landed during the next half hour , then the dreaded mobile phone called me away just as my anticipation levels had reached fever pitch , just aswell maybe ? I'd gone from nice and relaxed to heart pounding with excitement . Years and years of bass fishing and it still gets the pulse racing !
    Even though it wasn't outstanding when sizes and numbers of fish are taken into consideration , it was still one of my favourite sessions of the season so far , something different venue-wise than the norm I suppose ?

I rounded off the weekend on more familiar territory with a couple more fish taken off the rocks into nicely fizzing water.
     Apologies for the boring photos , I don't have a "Henry Gilbey" standing around ready to use his magic when needed and I don't like keeping the fish out of water for timed shots , so its a quick point and shoot and get the bass back in.

This fish, number 10 from the last few days, took a fancy to the 7.5 inch slug-go creapt through the rough ground and like the one pictured above , it hit the lure a few times without hooking up ,it was only by pausing that I managed to persuade it to really grab the lure properly thus ensuring it a photo opportunity.

So we got a break from the wind but 10 bass over a few days in September is not great fishing , you'd be hoping for those kind of numbers a day usually.
   It's said that after a blow is the best time to go fishing but I'd say if the wind has been blowing hard for a long time then most bass have already eaten well by the time it calms down.
  I look out to sea watching that seething mass of coloured water and often think to myself , those bass must be gorging themselves on worms , shellfish and anything else that is unlucky enough to stray into their paths.


  1. Very nice report - Duo make a lure specifically for bouncing along sandy bottoms, it's actually meant for flatfish (yep, on a plug!) but I would have thought the bass would fancy it too.

    I went yesterday, and the water was awful. Like drinking cocoa. One fish in 4 hours. :-(

  2. Hola Danny,bien comentada la jornada,el pez es un feed shallow,o a mi me lo parece,lo traias despacio ,curiosa forma tendre que probarlo.
    Un Abrazo.