Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grip Shit.

Thankfully the wind has dropped as we're halfway through September already and not a great deal of fishing has been done by ourselves.
   Saying that Julian nearly landed a 12lbish salmon yesterday but his braid parted after the fish found a snag , ofcourse this was not until the fish had leapt out of the water right in front of him just to wind him up!
   He's in Waterville for the week with a group over from Scotland and as can happen they've been unlucky with the weather so far, hopefully conditions will improve for them now.

The last time I fished was when I caught the bass in the last post, luckily another angler was there to take the photo and it was a nice picture. The reason I mention this though is the said angler had a fish grip with him and offered to hold and weigh the fish for me during and after hook removal .
  I have never used one before and watched with interest at the process.
   Now I haven't always looked after fish perfectly in the past but I do make more effort nowadays , one thing I will not be doing is buying a fish grip though ! I was horrified at the damage done to the inside of the fishes mouth by the hard stainless steel , F'me they are some torture device ! Now maybe this was a rare occurrence but the grooves literally torn into the inside of the lower jaw were bad . It was a fine fish in its prime but the use of that implement did nothing to help its prospects on release.
  A pair of forceps are all you need for handling hooks around lively fish , I've managed just fine without any fish grip so far and am satisfied that atleast I've been doing something right by not using these contraptions in the past .

Now time to get back to fishing .................

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